MAC HAIK HEALTHCARE LTD (MHH) works with other company entities to provide a wide range of property and building services solutions that are specifically designed to address the complex and rapidly progressing needs of healthcare facilities. The development of new hospital concepts, such as acute care hospitals throughout the United States, are being aggressively pursued and completed.

The Healthcare Division plays a pivotal role in all phases of the medical project development and construction process including building, project management, construction management, marketing analysis, feasibility studies, development projections, cost analysis, value engineering, consulting, development, planning, interior design, and medical coordination services. The division also assists renovations from minor reconstruction projects consisting of piecemeal renovations to major renovations resulting in total replacement hospitals and new facility construction.

With more than 97 years of combined experience in the process of planning, developing, building, leasing, and managing healthcare facilities, key MHH personnel have designed and constructed more than $4.5 billion in healthcare projects and are aggressively planning and developing healthcare facilities ranging from sing story to multi-story medical office buildings, hospitals, imaging centers, and emergency room facilities. MHH has consummated over 3,100 medical leases concerning over 5 million square feet, and has managed 3.4 million square feet of healthcare facilities at any given time.

Since the company is a developer by background, it brings to the table an overall understanding of the big picture of how projects come together as opposed to just understanding one area of the transaction.