The MAC HAIK Automotive Group (MHAG) has been involved in the automobile industry since 1980. With beginnings in Houston, Texas with MAC HAIK Dodge in 1980, MAC HAIK Chevrolet in 1982, and MAC HAIK Ford in 1985, MAC HAIK Automotive Group has grown to thirteen dealerships throughout Texas and has been ranked Number 5 out of the top 100 multiple point mega dealership groups in Texas and Number 44 in the United States. Several company dealerships consistently rank in the top 10 in Texas and out of approximately 14,500 dealerships, we rank in the top 10 - 20 nationally.

MAC HAIK Dealerships provide sales of new and pre-owned vehicles as well as complete automotive services. All of our dealerships are consistently at the top of their respective zones' selling performance ratings. Additionally, all company dealerships maintain an outstanding reputation for "service after the sale", ranking high in customer service performance goals established by the manufacturer. MAC HAIK Ford was the first dealership in the state of Texas to become Blue Oval Certified. In 2010, MAC HAIK Ford won the "Legacy Award" from Bill Ford of Ford Motor Corporation for their stellar customer satisfaction record and community service efforts. The Ford dealership won the Ford Triple Crown Society award (only one Ford Dealership in the country so honored) and has consistently obtained membership in Ford Motor Company's "Top 100 Dealerships". Mac Haik Chevrolet won the Chargers Award in 2008 and has been awarded the Mark of Excellence the last 9 out of 10 years. We've been Five Star winners from 2007 thru 2010. Mac Haik Chevrolet has also been awarded the Chevrolet Dealer of the Year Award 13 times (out of only 6 dealerships of 4,800).

The constant goal of MAC HAIK Automotive Group is customer satisfaction and developing and maintaining a consistent clientele. MAC HAIK Automotive Group prides itself as a leader and continually strives to maintain excellence in ethics and customer service.